About Us

VirtualPBX was founded in California over 20 years ago to make hosted PBX service available for the first time to small and medium business owners. We've been driving innovation in the cloud-based communications industry ever since then, and we've helped to develop some of the best technologies used today from their earliest stages. That's why we take great pains to thoroughly review our hardware recommendations to only endorse the finest quality equipment for the greatest value. Every product we recommend comes to you only after having passed the most rigorous and meticulous of assessments so that you're confident that you'll always have the best phones for every budget to choose from.

All of our VoIP products are backed by award-winning, local, in-house support teams 24/7, 365 days a year. And we offer an array of services including disaster recovery, network monitoring and optimization, and professional system management in addition to our proprietary VoIP technology. We hope that our commitment to product excellence, operational efficiency, and overwhelming service quality are all immediately apparent to our customers from our earliest interactions.